Survey Description

Honey Creek originates at the S. 43rd Street storm sewer outfall in the City of Greenfield and flows in a northerly direction for approximately 8.8 miles until its confluence with the Menomonee River in the City of Wauwatosa. The Honey Creek subwatershed encompasses 11 square miles and includes portions of the communities of Greenfield, Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, and West Allis. Channel modifications such as deepening, straightening, and lining with concrete have been made to 7.1 miles of Honey Creek. The Creek flows under State Fair Park in an enclosed channel that consists of 3 - 10' X 15' pipes. The Honey Creek subwatershed has experienced minor flooding problems, but the biggest problem with this Creek has been the ecological degradation and habitat loss due to channel modifications.
Honey Creek was added to the MMSD sampling program in 2003 and includes five sampling sites (HC-01 - HC-05). Baseline data will be collected for several years prior to any stream improvement projects. Sampling will continue during construction and for several years after construction is completed in order to document potential water quality improvement.


Site CodeAlternate CodeDescriptionDepthsLatitudeLongitudeOldest Data
HC-01  81st St. and Arthur Ave. (McCarty Park) 1 42° 59' 57" 88° 00' 52" 8/09/2001
HC-02  84th St. and O'Conner St 1 43° 01' 41" 88° 01' 04" 8/09/2001
HC-03  80th St. and Wisconsin Ave. 1 43° 02' 20" 88° 00' 44" 8/09/2001
HC-04  45th St. and Loomis Rd. 1 42° 57' 25" 87° 58' 18" 5/05/2003
HC-05  61st St. and Marcy Ln. 1 42° 58' 08" 87° 59' 22" 5/05/2003


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