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Biological Measurements
Biochemical Oxygen Demand - 20 day (mg/L)
Biochemical Oxygen Demand - 5 day (mg/L)
Chlorophyll "A" (mg/m3)
E. Coli (#/100 mL)
Fecal Coliform (MPN/100 mL)
Log10 Fecal Coliform Bacteria (MPN/100 mL)

Conventional Water Quality Measurements
Chemical Oxygen Demand (mg/L)
Chloride (mg/L)
Dissolved Solids (mg/L)
Nitrate (mg/L as N)
Nitrate + Nitrite (mg/L as N)
Nitrite (mg/L as N)
Silica (mg/L as SiO2)
Suspended Solids (mg/L)
Total Alkalinity (mg/L as CaCO3)
Total Ammonia (mg/L as N)
Total Calcium (mg/L)
Total Dissolved Organic Nonpurgeable Carbon (mg/L as C)
Total Hardness (mg/L as CaCO3)
Total Inorganic Nonpurgable Carbon (mg/L as C)
Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (mg/L as N)
Total Magnesium (mg/L)
Total Nonpurgable Carbon (mg/L as C)
Total Phosphorus (mg/L as P)
Total Solids (mg/L)
Total Soluable Phosphorus (mg/L as P)
Volatile Suspended Solids (mg/L)

Heavy Metal Measurements
Antimony (ug Sb/L)
Iron (ug Fe/L)
Thalium (ug Tl/L)
Total Arsenic (ug/L)
Total Cadmium (ug/L)
Total Chromium (Total Chromium)
Total Copper (ug/L)
Total Lead (ug/L)
Total Mercury (ug/L)
Total Nickel (ug/L)
Total Selenium (ug/L)
Total Silver (ug/L)
Total Zinc (ug/L)

Physical Measurements
1% Light Level (meters)
Conductivity (umho/cm)
Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L)
Oxidation/Reduction Potential (millivolts)
Sechii Disk (meters)
Temperature (°C)
Turbidity (NTU)

Other Parameters or Measurements
Total Organic Nonpurgable Carbon

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