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UW-Milwaukee WATER Institute
Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) Research group page at Monash University AU
Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory
Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
DARRIN Fresh Water Institute at Lake George NY
The Martha's Vineyard Coastal Observatory for Meteorological & Oceanographic Studies
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
US EPA Lake Michigan Mass Balance Study
Episodic Events - Great Lakes Experiment
The Jason Project
Milwaukee Water Works
International Association for Great Lakes Research
National Association of Marine Laboratories
Water Quality References
US EPA methods
US EPA methods
Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater contents
United States Geological Survey Field Manual for the Collection of Water-Quality Data
Bathymetric Map of Lake Michigan
Bathymetric Map of Lake Michigan
Information Networks and Databases
USGS NWISWeb water resources - real time data
US EPA Storet environmental data storage and retrieval system
US EPA Watershed Information Network
US EPA Watershed Assessment, Tracking & Environmental Results
NOAA NESDIS National Geophysical Data Center
Great Lakes Information Network
Univerity of Minnesota Water on the Web lake data
InfoHub real-time oceanographic data
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R/V Lake Guardian and equipment
Seagrant Great Lakes Internet Resources list
Indiana University Diatom site
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